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Mar 10

“I keep looking for meaning, but all I’ve found so far is that in order to be at peace with the present, we must be at peace with the past, because the present is a product of the past. Accept. Accept. Accept.” — Paul Buchheit: Eight years today

Mar 09


Feb 18

“We all know that the game is about looking busy, and keeping the money circulating, even within the organization. Meetings are called with no real business at hand, because “they’ll start to think we don’t do anything down here if we don’t have another meeting”.” — Looking Busy and My Adventures in the Useless Future

Jan 31

“Technology lets us do things faster and more efficiently; why would we use that newfound free time to do more and more of the same old thing? I’m not just talking about smarter consumption of content like Johnson is– I’m also saying, fuck consumption.” — Happiness Takes (A Little) Magic

Jan 15

“I try to remember all the products I’ve talked about that I won’t even bother to cover—and that nobody’s going to buy.” — Fever Dream of a Guilt-Ridden Gadget Reporter

Jan 08

E-mails from an Asshole: The Great Commanche Quest

Jan 06


Jan 03

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Dec 04


Dec 03

“Please explain evil. Show your work.” — Answers and Questions

Dec 01

(via xkcd: Computer Problems)

(via xkcd: Computer Problems)

Nov 28

Patagonia – The Cleanest Line: Don't Buy This Jacket, Black Friday and the New York Times -

We need more of this.

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Nov 27

“This is what is so facinating about science and the real world - it doesn’t matter what people think, or what theories they come up with, or what rationalizations they make to defend wrong theories - everything in the real world keeps on working by its own rules. Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away. If you want to make real impact, rather than trying to impose your beliefs on the world, you need to be always searching for the world’s true nature.” — qwoltrfa comments on Science

Nov 25


“It was my honest attempt to find a more pure form of God that made me realize that there was none.”